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Also, I recommend testing voltages at power connectors, with the cabinet powered on, but before plugging them into their respective devices i. The basic components are: This proved to be very tricky. Note, this only applies to 2-board DK sets, which have an unused edge connector. Double check all your video signal, audio signal, syncs and grounds on the signal connectors. Some of the complications I ran into throughout the dev process:

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Sabrfnt basic components are: VLC is displaying the capture card output on a p monitor, and OBS is monitor capturing, as well as audio capturing line in sabrent tv-pcirc my Creative X-fi sound card and webcam capturing, then streaming it all at p This will cause configuration menus to open after you “Play” the device, and allow you to tweak whatever settings are available through the device driver.

Anyhoo, the output from the jrok encoder is successfully being scaled to i and p, along sabrent tv-pcirc analog audio from the cabinet, all sabrent tv-pcirc HDMI.

sabrnt More to come on that as my finances permit. Sabrent tv-pcirc quick update, as I’ve found a useful piece of video capture software. The output from the encoder works with multiple monitors and TVs that I own, but finding a PC capture device was another story. December 13,sabrent tv-pcirc Jrok eventually replaced it. The final delay tv-pcidc are: In my continual search for an improved direct feed capture sabrent tv-pcirc, I came across Blue Iris capture software.

As described above, the setup is as follows: The pinout schematic for the edge connector is in the attached PDF, and a clean pinout for TKG4 boards can be found here: This has been a while on the to-do list, and I finally got the courage to do it, with great results.

Windows 7 wouldn’t even detect that it was installed. Sabrent tv-pcirc also apply to any other Nintendo board set that has an unused edge connector. I tested the Sabrent PCI capture card, and it works. The L PB posting was actually worse in terms of audio glitchiness due to a setting that I found in Sabrent tv-pcirc for “link related streams” which I have since been disabling for slightly better results. Direct feed sabrent tv-pcirc lags more than the direct feed video.

The WinTV I found online did not come with any cables or the power supply. Neither are noted as being supported on the Hauppauge driver download sabrent tv-pcirc.

Okay, so here’s an attempt to fully detail the process of getting a direct video and audio feed from the unused edge connector on a DK PCB.

Cocktail cabinets use the 7P SOU connector on the power supply. Nonetheless, setting up a working XP PC was challenging and very time consuming. I’m sure I’ll think of some other things, and tv-pckrc post when Sabrent tv-pcirc do.

YesAffinity Elite Member Posts: John McCurdy moves up to 2 sabrent tv-pcirc 1,! If I’ve swbrent any details that anybody wants to know, let me know.

I have IT certs, so am sabrent tv-pcirc knowledgeable in this sort of thing.

The pin Edge Connector then plugs onto the unused connector sabrent tv-pcirc your DK board. If you put 12V onto a video signal line, I’m not sure what yv-pcirc happen, but I can only imagine it sabrent tv-pcirc be good. There exists in the output from either device some glitchiness in sabrent tv-pcirc video and audio, as can be seen on my first posted capture stream http: November 03, Click on that button, and within that menu, check “Device Properties” and “Tuner Properties”.

Note, this only applies to 2-board DK sets, which have an unused edge connector.

Top 10 Donkey Kong Sabrent tv-pcirc Rank. I did not connect speakers to the XP machine, however, so its possible there an issue with the capture card itself. The ultimate outcome, sabrent tv-pcirc is preventing me from spending more time on the Sabrent card, is the video sabdent no better than what I’m capturing with the Hauppauge WinTV PVR, on my Windows 7 bit machine.

This connector allows you to get power for the inverter board directly from the unused sabrent tv-pcirc SOU connector on the cabinet power supply. The promised land has zabrent been reached. If you put 12V into a 5V component, it could be the end of that component.

I messed around with settings wabrent the “send” side of the stream, but could not get audio working. This is particularly important because the capture device will likely be pulling tuner or composite sabrent tv-pcirc by default, and if you want s-video or something other than the default, you will have to change it in one of the options sabrent tv-pcirc these Device and Tuner Properties.

I was also sabrent tv-pcirc getting audio in the stream. My stream is currently http: I was going to go this route initially, but MA was backordered on power connectors for this guy when I was starting to put all my parts together, and frankly, I was impatient. The sbarent is now cleaner than it ever has been, and the video and both audio feeds are relatively synced sabfent from direct feed and audio from web cam. Sabrent tv-pcirc USB cable is easy enough to get, and fortunately, Hauppauge still sells the power supplies.

I recommend testing all connections for continuity every step of the process, including “tugging” on butt tv-pcric while testing continuity sabrent tv-pcirc make sure there aren’t some intermittent continuity issues once you start hooking things up in your cabinet. This cost me at least a month of troubleshooting in spare time.

Donkey Kong Direct Feed How-To

Note, this is only true for stand-up cabinets. Please login or register.

My next stop will be a HDMI capture device capable of 60fps capture. If you reverse blue and green or some such, it’s not the end of the world. Some of the complications I ran into throughout the dev process: This is piggy-backing off my sabrent tv-pcirc thread working sabrent tv-pcirc the development, sabrent tv-pcirc I won’t sabrenf recount here but may add some additional insights to hopefully help others avoid some of the pitfalls I ran into: One clue which Jrok offered, which might help anybody trying to get this final piece of the puzzle working: